Now, you can tan, any day, any time, at Tannin’ Zone (TZ), located on 7860 Old Lake Wilson Rd, in Davenport, Florida. TZ is the first and only 24/7 tanning salon, in Central Florida

Tannin’n Zone has the more secure, and easy system to use, for more convenient service for its clients.

“This new 24/7 tanning salon system has had the best results ever, and acceptation from our members. They love it, because now, they don’t need to allocate their schedule based on our regular business hours. Now, the go nights, weekends, after long shifts, or even after clubbing”, expressed the owners, Luis & Angel Mercado.

The 24/7 is extremely an friendly system, were you get an electronic door key, double access code, plus a touch screen system that get activated with the touch, and identification, of your finger prints. All public areas are also under video surveillance 24/7, for more security of their members.

TZ is also the only tanning salon with a full high pressure bed (Matrix) in the area. High-pressure tanning produce the best and fastest results. These beds are designed with the most advance technology in tanning. In just 15 minutes we guarantee an immediate tanning satisfaction. You only need three to five sessions to start developing a deep, and dark tan. In just eight sessions, you can have the color you are looking for, then 3 to 4 visits per month to maintain that silky glow.

TZ also has 5 different levels of tanning beds. Tanning beds runs from the basic level 1 to the most advance, level 5 (High Pressure Bed). TZ also offers Spray Tan, Teeth Whitening, and a rejuvenation skincare system (Hydra Station).

Tannin’ Zone has been a proud member of the Indoor Tan Association (ITA), and International Smart Tan, who also certify its staff, since 2007. Tannin’ Zone is fully trained in UV light administration, meets the highest sanitation standards, follows all government safety regulations, they are a tanning facility licensed by the Polk County Health Department.

GREAT! Now you can tan, 24/7 @ Tannin’ Zone!