Tanning Salon Davenport FL

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Take your tanning to a new level with our high-pressure Matrix Tanning Beds. Tanning Salon Davenport

Advance Tan & Skincare Technology Orlando Florida

Tannin’ Zone (TZ),  the best tanning salon in davenport opened its doors in the Reunion & Champions Gate area on April 2009, providing a variety state of the art tanning beds and skincare services such as; High Pressure Beds, Stand Ups, UV Free (Spray Booth), Moisture Body Spray, and a Hydration Station to rejuvenate, revive, and restore the skin.

Tannin’ Zone is one of the few tanning salons in davenport with full high pressure tanning beds. High-pressure tanning produce the best and fastest results. These are designed with the most advance technology in tanning. In just 10 minutes we guarantee an immediate tanning satisfaction. You only need three to five sessions to kick start a deep, dark tan and 3-4 visits per month to maintain that silky glow.


Tannin’ Zone goal is to educate our customers to obtain their desired tan color, prevent sunburn, and keep their skin healthy through skincare services and programs. For that reason TZ added to the salon a moisture body spray, and a Hydra Station, the most advance technology to rejuvenate or prepare your skin for a healthy tan.

The Hydra Station is a self contained skin care system that cleans, exfoliates and hydrates your skin in one 20 or 30 minute session. Through the use of radiant heat and steam, liquid vitamins are infused into your skin while you relax on a luxurious vibrating mattress. Used prior to UV exposure, your tan will be 2-3 shades darker and your Mystic Tan sunless application will last days longer. 

Tannin’ Zone has been a proud member of the Indoor Tan Association (ITA), and International Smart Tan, who also certify its staff. Tannin’ Zone is fully trained in UV light administration, meets the highest sanitation standards, follows all government safety regulations, they are a tanning facility licensed by the Polk County Health Department.